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what is it??


Blue Ring
Jul 31, 2003
Ok... now Im beginning to wonder what species Spartacus is.... there are photos for those who can help... in the photos/journal section...

he may be vulgaris but he was caught here in Oz and there doesnt seem to be any evidence that that is where they can be found... any ideas any one?? pls... :?:

macropus would probably have bright white spots over its skin is normally found near the Med Sea.

cyanea could be an option and there are indo-pacific sub species of vulgaris.. otherwise I am not sure...

Is there evidence of eye marks on the webbing? Like a bimac but no blue.. just a black spot???
webbing is just white.. I from melb but he was picked of the reef in Queensland... the best size ref i can give is he's about 20cm from mantle to tip... thats it really.... sorry
I never thought sparticus was that small, its good though as he would probably have quite some time more. Other possibilities include, pallidus, membranaceus and tetricus.

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