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what is best


May 26, 2004
im working at an aquarium and one of our octos has eggs that are now definitely fertile. we were discussing amongst ourselves which would be better for a nursery tank an overflow? system or a closed tank system. the first being that there is constantly water flowing into the tank and thru a tube onto a water table and the second being that we have the same water in it and just cycle it and change it out every once and a while...
thanx bye

The problem does not seem to be hatching the eggs - as long as there's good water movement the fertile eggs do often hatch.

The difficulty is keeping the babies alive and raising them successfully. There it would appear that flow though has the edge, since most facilities that are raising baby octos are using a flow through system.

Feeding is the biggest problem - having the right food, food that is the correct size, having the right amount of food, feeding the right number of times a day, etc. This is something you need to explore.

good luck!

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