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what could this be + cuttlefish update


May 15, 2003
I've noted that recently my cuttle has been passing out this white stuff from its siphon (see pic). Any ideas on what this could be?

The cuttle is doing really well and has been feeding on some crabs that came along with the live rock I bought 2 weeks ago. I've also been feeding him crawfish and crabs 2 times a week and ghost shrimp every day.
Heres Just some pics of the cuttle and its tank, I added about 9 pounds of live rock, did it sometime back but don't know why I never posted it.
Nope, his waste is normally reddish and his diet has stayed more or less the same since i've gotten him. The white stuff just started coming out about a day or 2 ago.
Now that you mention it yes. I tried to blame the maid, but ended up being the butler stealing them. Figured she was the one with access to them and all. :P

JJ - check your temp. they are best above 72 at the min. and specific gravity at 1.025 max., they can be broken, and may sometimes break themselves. They are attractive, but could be hard in a ceph tank with those params. :smile:
Nope, all the dusters are fine! I also had the same thing in mind as Tony but I wanted to ask around if anyone could confirm this or could correctly identufy it.

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