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What additives, if any do you use?


O. vulgaris
Jan 2, 2004
As I was doing my weekly dosing of Iodine and other additives to my other tanks, the thought occurred to me that maybe I should be adding something to my octo tank that I am unaware of.
There are no corals in the tank, only a couple starfish and Ashi. What do you guys use, if anything and why?

I used to find that the regular water changes were enough to add trace elements into the tank... but im sure others do use additives
I use B-ionic (brand name) as a buffer, but that is all...water changes seem to keep everything else running smoothly...
Let water tests guide you as to how often to do water changes... they produce so much ammonia and stir up the dirt all the time! So I'd say that 25% monthly is minimum, at least when they grow a bit.
do you vac yours with every water change? or would spaghetti worms, bristle worms help with that - octo will not bother these correct?
I do vacuum, or skim the top of the the substrate to remove alot of the debris with every water change.

I do have to be careful not to remove to much sand, but I use a smaller tube for the bottom, about 1/4 inch than siphoning out the main part of the change about 3/4 inch.

I believe a high abundance of bristle worms is a bad sign in a tank. Yes they help clean the sub, but for them to reproduce there has to be alot of debris, which I try to keep out of my octo tank.

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