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What about an Octopus cyanea

Octopus cyanea is a fairly large, day active octopus (that's why it's also called the Day Octopus) - body to 16 cm and arms of 80 cm - You'd need a big tank, maybe a 90 or 100 gallon.

Very common on coral reefs in the ropical Indian and Pacific Oeans - it excavates lairs within coral reef and rubble.

It eats crabs, other crustaceans and fish.

Can produce large clouds of dark brown ink.

Has a courtship ritual where the male holds up its third right arm and waves it at the female.

Eggs are small and hatch into planktonic juveniles.

(This is a brief summary of information from Mark Norman's Cephalopods, A World Guide)

Sda to say, its a National Geographic Special. Go to their website if you wanna search when it next shows. You could also try looking for othe ceph shows.

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