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We'll it's time for me to keep another bimac


Blue Ring
Feb 3, 2003
After the last one over a year ago now I've been waiting till I could setup a 120 just for a bimac with nothing but acrylic pipes and other fun shapes for her. My last one lived over two years. Got her when she was just a little bigger than a pea and raised her until she was about the size of my fist with 14 inch tentacles. At that point my 55 with 80 pounds of live rock and it was just to small for her so I gave him to a man with a 200 just for her where she live to be over two and half years old....I miss her still. This time I'm gonna ber better prepared though. Looks like I'm gonna setup a 120 with a sump/refugium and plumb the 55 reef with it for major filtration. I'm gonna get a wild caught just like all my other ones I've owned just to make sure I get another strong one based on natural selection and also get it as small as possible.

Wish me luck TONMO....wish me luck :smile:

Luck!!! Lots of luck!!! That's quite a record for a octo. Did you ever post any pics? Will have to check and see..


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