Well... I have an interview today...


Sep 26, 2005
OK so it's not entirely related to cephs, but this was the only logical place I could think of putting it, since at this time I am not a "supporter" (though probably will get around to it). I have been invited to an interview for the Montrose Basin reserve, to work in the Visitor's Centre.

this is the basin's website.

this is the official wesite forh te organisation.

Montrose Basin, on the east coast of Scotland, is basically a huge mud flat that gets flooded with sea water when the tide comes in. It caters for a huge amount of migratory birds although the interstitial fauna of the mudflats and saltmarshes are also a big focus, as well as several species of fish. I am hoping they get coephs migrating in to the basin from time to time, but I do doubt that as I believe the water is brackish. That said, if octopuses can visit rock pools, which change salinity regularly, then I can't see why they couldn't at least visit estuarine areas?

Well, wish me luck anyways. :smile:
How do you mean see the interview? It went OK I think. As usual I did have a couple of blanks, but I managed to say something, and they were very friendly (the head of the centre and the head of the SWT). Got there 15 minutes early so hopefully that impressed them... But thanks.:smile:

Hmmm, if I remember correctly, Cthulhu, last time I said something similar to this you expected a 10 billion word report done by the end of the week:lol:
You have four days left, or the hounds of Tindalos will be crawling out of your walls.


Glad it went well !
Whoops, I misread your original post...I thought you were doing an interview for a publication by that facility. Teach me to answer without a cup of coffee first!
Best !
I guess it's too late to wish you luck on the interview, but I hope you get the job!

I spent a few months at Findhorn around 1992, it's a nice area, although I was saw a lot more of Moray Firth than the coast itself.
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