Nov 9, 2003
We do have a problem to solve, but the fisheries being in jeopardy are debatable depending on how myopic your viewpoint is. The REAL problem is that the number of people in the world is increasing faster than we are learning how to manage the resources that the planet has to offer. How many terrestrial species have been decimated in NZ because of the sheep, cows, and all of those non-native species of deer, as well as the trout? All of those species have to do with feeding the population of humanity, which is a habit from our earliest days of cultivation. The ocean will be no different.

It is time to stop talking about sustainability in the environment until we have a stable population. There is plenty of food available on the planet, the fact that there are more obese people in the world now than starving ones is proof of that. But how long will that last? Do you really think we will be able to stay ahead of that curve?

As an interesting sidenote, think about all of the Sci-Fi stories that have to do with an alien species coming to Earth to make slaves of us, or kill us off, just to have the resources for their own ever expanding population. Those stories are soon to be prophetic for our species if we do not curb our population surge.

In some ways, I have to blame science for many of our ails. Without it, we would never have become the dominant species of the planet, capable of extending our lifespans, which no other species can do. I believe that we will are coming upon a nexus within my lifetime, one that will require us to make really unpleasant choices about the future of the human race.

I do not, and will not, have children of my own because of my views on this.

So regardless of whether or not the fisheries are fine now, just how long do you think they can stay that way?


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
There was a good term for this : "thintelligence" , coined by Crichton...basically a damaged way of thinking "can I do this?" instead of "should I do this?"

The fishermen got greedy, and overfished the waters...several populations may be irretrievable. P. you are correct, if nothing is done to control mass expansion, we are going to have a dusty rock in a millenia or two.