Feb 27, 2003
Well I just checked on Jetta and lifted the rock alittle so i could see her and we have EGGS!!!!!!!! Im so excited, she has about 200-500 BIG eggs in there OMG Im so excited !!!!! :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :P
Hi Deb,

Congratulations, now you have eggs. When I heard how much Jetta was eating, I suspected as much. You'll probably have to give her food in her den or right in front of it, since, if she follows the pattern of the others, she won't come out much.

What are your plans - I assume you're going to try to raise some of the hatchlings?

Nancy, yes i am going to try and raise them :wink: I have talked with Alicia from 5thday and she is going to have live mysid shrimp , amphs and copes. flown in. She is also going to help with this so if i do have some grow up a bit we can sell them :bonk: :bonk: :bonk: :bonk: ok this is so excited snow and octo eggs on the same day What a great Valentines Day :rainbow:
That is fantastic!!! Ink only had around 20 or so. Wonder if they're fertile. Sure hope so!!! Can hardly wait for the pictures!!!

Good luck!!1

Burstsovenergy24 said:
Crevalle said:
How do you know they are good eggs?

I dont know about cephs but my Convict Cichlids (cons) breed regularly and if the eggs are fertile after 24 hrs they are a tan color. :smile:

after a couple of weeks the eye pigments become visible, but the chances the eggs are viable are pretty good because the octo was an adult when bought.

good luck deb

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