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water conditions

Aug 27, 2003
I have been reading this website for months & have had a tank preparing for
my future Octo. There seems to be very little consensus in regards to proper
water conditions. If someone could please list the proper ranges for all the water parameters it would be greatly appreciated. One of the things that concerns me is temperature. I have seen much discusion about keeping water temps lower than normal tanks (closer to 70f) but when I look through the member tanks many of them are in the high 70's.

As a side note, my local pet store jumped the gun on me and my Octo was special ordered already & will be arriving today!

Please help me not kill this thing :?

How long has your tank been cycling? I think that is the biggest factor on how your new octo will do. If it's not long, can the shop hold him for you?
I am sure the experts will have lots of advice!

Good luck!

the tank itself is a 20 gallon that was set up 3 months ago using substrate & water from my other tank to get it started.

As of this morning the parameters are:
sg: 1.025
Temp: 75
pH: 7.9 (I have been having trouble getting this right in both my tanks)
Ammonia: 0.4 ppm
Nitrite: 0 ppm
Nitrate: 20 ppm
I think ammonia in any increment is not good for an octo. You may want to do a water change to get it down to zero. I also start new tanks from my existing ones. The nitrates do not seem to bother them. What kind is the octo? If it's not a dwarf, you may want to rethink your tank size. :smile:

Good luck!!

Your tank is ok, but in regards to your temp., what kind of an octo is it? If it is a bimac, you should be fine at 75, although a number of tonmoers keep theirs in the lower 70's. Find out what the water s.gravity is from the shipper...many of them keep it at 1.023 to increase oxygenation.
Then again, if it is a bimac, you are going to need a bigger tank in three months! Some of the dwarfs (perfect for a 20) like warmer temps...see what you can find out, and I am sure we can help you out...should be just fine!
Just a side note........

your pH problem may lie with your hardness..... any idea what it is???

Well I have now received my little Octavous, the shipper labeled him as a Bali Octopus. As an estimate of his size from the end of a tenticle to the start of his head is about 8 inches.
Wheeew! I think that your tank may be a bit small...see how he reacts, I guess!
Re: PH. have you tried a product called B-ionic ? A two part K'wasser mix that works like a charm!

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