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warning to those with brittlestar roommates

Nov 1, 2006
dunno if this has happened to any of you, but when schlemm was nearing the end our brittlestar (green) attacked him and managed to mangle an arm before my distraught mother wrestled them apart. i believe it may have been possible that schlemm wouldve lived a bit longer if this incident hadnt occured, since it made him severely stressed out for about 24hrs before he calmed down and then passed. so although the star was a great help in tank cleanliness when schlemm was healthy, i think it would be wise to remove such animals when ur octo is nearing the end. just a thought. it was quite tragic for my mom, dont want anyone else to have to deal with it.
Greens brittles are notorious for attacking fish. I have, however, a green serpent (its arms are not as hairy) that is quite the opposite. Mr. Green Jeans is so frail he never can keep his arms (even hermits chomp on him). He is one of the first serpents I have had and has lived in most of my tanks (trying to find a safe place for him where something won't take an arm). Most of his life has been in sumps because of the problem but we put him in with Octane and he has more arm length than he has had in at least four years and is doing a good job cleaning up (and is more daytime visable than any of my other serpents). It may be that there is more of a difference between serpents and brittles than I had thought (I have mostly serpents) and would like to know if brittles are in general more aggresive or if it is only the green ones (as I have heard) that show this tendency.

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