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schlemm is blind, don't know what to do

Nov 1, 2006
hey guys, i know i havent been on for quite a while, but getting ready for college is crazier than i thought. well now im back and i have a problem. Our beloved Schlemm has gone blind. He still eats food, though not his usual 3 crabs, now just 1-2, and he sleeps a lot more.

its strange, because he doesnt act as though he is in pain, and still moves around the tank normally, though sometimes he runs into things.. this started almost 2 weeks ago and we thought he wouldve died soon after the eyes clouded, but he is still here and as buttheaded as ever.

since i was last on here up until the blindness, he actually looooooooved my dad petting him, but only him (odd, eh, he seemed to recognize my dad's skin) and had a nasty habit of squirting crab intestines on the living room wall. he also had managed a squirting distance of 6ft, and still continues to leave me crab intestine presents on his lid.

we had a lfs guy come over to clean the tanks and he was shocked by how many openings we had on Schlemm's tank, but he has never tried to get out, rather, after a trip to another class, he tried to climb back in!

my parents dont want another octo after schlemm b/c i'll be in college except for weekends, but i am determined to get another, because he has brought so much to our family and has really brought us back together. not to mention we love the reaction when people come over and the first thing they see is an octopus. ive got to say thats the best thing to see when u come home!
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