Wanted: Pics of Nautilus Shell

Architeuthoceras said:
Does anyone on TONMO have pictures of the inside and outside of a Nautilus shell? Or have a Nautilus shell they can take pictures of? The pics must show the siphuncle, or at least part of the siphuncle.

As luck would have it, yes. I don't have the classic "cut in half" shell, but I picked up one with just a small notch in it... a palaentologist who had studied shells passed away, and after they got the "good stuff" out of his collection, they gave away the rest of it, so I got a whole shell and this notched one.

since my digital cam makes files too big for attachments, I put them at

images.google.com has a lot of results for a nautilus search; a good sphincule can be seen at http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~iany/patterns/nautilus.htm

here are some thumbnails; I snapped 5 pix, but I guess I can only upload 3 attachments...


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Thanks Monty, great pics, its nice to see the connecting rings still attached, they usually fall apart during the sawing operation. I will PM a few questions later. Still, I was hoping for the classic "cut in half" shell, and an outside view, side by side.

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