[WANTED]: Ceph Book


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Feb 15, 2003
I'm looking for a English copy of Cephalopods of the World by Kir N. Nesis (translated by B.S. Levitov) Published by TFH Publications in 1987 ASIN # 0866220518
i saw that a while ago.... while i do want the book, not at that price.... unless they include specimins along with it....

thanks anyway
Yeah, currently I'm looking for the two Cephalopod Life Cycles books... have you seen how much those go for? the only available ones I've found would be $500 for the pair...
And Im currently trying to find the book called
"Octopuses and Squid The Soft Intelligence" but Im trying to get it not from online. I dont feel like waiting.
I thought thats a GREAT book!
Look on Ebay - that book shows up there all the time, or used book stores - for around $3.00. Now that's an EASY one to find! The other books in this thread are seriously hard to locate and often cost hundreds of dollars.... I don't even want to think about how much money I've put into cephalopod books!


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