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Walter Update (sort of)

Aug 6, 2003
I haven't seen much of Walter at all, don't think I've seen as much as a tentacle in 2 or 3 weeks. Could he have jumped out? I had my lid on pretty tight with few holes, but he is an octopus. Would there be a smell if he did escape?
I've been feeding him clams with a hermit crab or two regularily and have done weekly water changes, everything is where it should be. There is about 80 to 90 pounds of live rock in the tank (55 gallons) so I think there should be enough hiding space for him. Is it time to start turning over rocks, but that would obviously be my last resort since I could crush him or freak him out even more if he is still in there. Haven't given up hope yet since Nancy had Little Pod for a few months without showing up, but I still think that it is strange that Walter hasn't showed up for such a long time. Or do I just have an extremely shy octo? Or should I just be more patient? Usually I don't have much of a window for viewing the tank; most of my day is at school, homework (in front of the tank) and reading (also in front of the tank). Knew that they were supposed to be shy but even Pudge came out more often.....
Water parameters are ammonia 0, nitite 0, nitrate 0, copper 0, pH 8.2 and salinity is 1.026.

Nick don't worry, he'll be there. If he had died you would know by now they smell :yuck:

We lost Plasma for 3 weeks even got a new octi (which developed autophagy :cry: ) and just today I found Plasma in another tank!!!! This tank is much smaller and he'd gone in under the rockwork we noticed that the little crabs were vanishing but they have a tendency to do that so we didn't add up to octopus!!!!!

Is the food disappearing??? Keep feeding he'll come out when he's ready

The clams sometimes are gone, sometimes he leaves them there. Have a giant turbo snail that he hasn't touched but has done a helluva lot towards my algae problem. Any other live food choices that a 4 month old occy could eat? I've tried to offer frozen food but it just stays there and Butters (my damselfish) eats it. I've tried clams and hermit crabs, those are the only 2 readily available at my LFS. Thanks for putting my worries at ease Jean. One of my friends keeps urging me to get a reef since "it's not boring." :evil:

Tank has only overflowed one more time but otherwise is working spifftacularly, I change the filter material about once every 2 weeks.[/img]
Before I reply to you, Nick -- Jean, I'm so glad you found Plasma! Your octos certainly move about a lot!

Nick, Little Pod hid for 4 months!! Ollie, the bimac I had earlier, was shy for some time before becoming very friendly. They all have their personalities.

Octo food: hermit crabs, like you have, snails, maybe 3/4 inch diameter, small fiddler crabs. Thawed frozen food, shrimp preferred. Small piece of fresh scallop or fish. You might try waving it around on a feeding stick (I make one out of two thin wooden skewers).

You're right, you might be missing the window when he's active. But that should right itself in time. As long as the food's disappearing, you know you still have an octopus. Don't move the live rock. And your water parameters are fine.

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