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Vulgaris suppliers

Jan 31, 2003
I work for the NC Aquarium. We're in the need for a few juv. O. vulgaris. Does anybody know of any suppliers that can guarantee that they are vulgaris. We are having trouble getting small ones this time of year and the two we have are full adults.
I don't think the NRCC has vulgaris, but TBS does, and they have a good reputation for knowing their species.

On March 9 I posted this under the Octopus Availability thread on this forum:

We've heard from Richard at TBS (Tampa Bay Saltwater) - he has octos for sale:

2 vulgaris (one large and one small) - nice octos, but you'll need a big tank!
2 dwarf octos (joubini)

Richard also mentions that he can get vulgaris all year long, but joubini is only collected in the spring and is coming to the end of its season.

You can contact him at [email protected] or send a PM to liverock.

I don't really know, but I can think of some things that might influence the pricing:
Ease of capture
Cost of keeping hte octo before sale (vulgaris is bigger and will eat more)
Size of holding tank required - vulgaris will need a bigger tank while waiting to be sold

Well I emailed him and he told me that trapping season will soon be over and it will be harder for him to get octo's...so if anyone is interested, try as soon as you can now. 80 bucks is the most expensive iv seen so far for a Vulgaris, but its probably worth it.
sideways said:
I bought the small one, he still has an adult for sale.

I'd love to buy the large one. I don't know if I could tho...cuz im not sure how large it is now and by the time July comes (my birthday)...I don't want it 3 ft. arm length cuz thats too large to handle. Hopefully its not too large right now.

However, if I do get it; I have a small temporary large cannister-shaped bucket w/ sea water about to be made set up my by friend's father who works at the Jenkinson's aquarium near the shore. It would be neat to get it and then hand it over to Jenkinson's.
Nancy said:
I'm happy to hear that our Octopus Availabilty thread helped you find an octopus!


Thanks! I actually ended up buying both of them since he said it was the end of octo season for him. They should arrive at the aquarium tomorrow morning.
tonmo said:
I've been to Jenkinson's a few times, nice little aquarium! I know Carol has been there many times...

Ya, for its size...it's actually a good aquarium. They had or have an albino crocodile in there. There's only 10 albino crocodiles existing today...in the whole world and jenkinson's actually had one of them in there. Pretty fantastic. I thought it was a clay sculpture when I saw it.

They don't have octopuses, however...I did see a Nautilus unpstairs in Jenkinson's. It was very active and placed in a medium sized tank next to all these ammonite fossils and pictures.

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