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vulgaris home size


Jun 21, 2007
Would a 430gl 8x3x3 tank be large enough for a vulgaris's full life span? My DIY tank is nearing a end, and the original plan was to house a arowana in there, but i dont know.. i am having second thoughts on this freshwater planted tank stuff i have a 75planted and it gets a little boring to me.. very pretty, (when i cut it) lol ... anyways thanks for any help.
And i am open to suggestions as well! what would you do with 430gl tank?
here is the link to the build incase anyone wants to see what i got so far.
I am by no means an expert, but I've been told that a 200 gallon is about minimum for this octopus... so 400 would be fine. I know what you mean about the planted, I had a 60 gallon full of plants and they grew so fast it was coming out of the tank all over. I've kept sps/lps reef (which is nice but expensive), a big aggressive tank with triggers/puffers or a species tank. I would try and get a diurnal octo and see if that entertains you enough. This is what I am doing with my tank.
a large cuttle like officinalis would be cool, what would you feed it? wouldnt it need larger size fish for food?
At TONMOcon I, Dr. Gilly fed their adult Officinalis a crab about 3-4 inches across. It looked like it could have handled one considerably bigger.
same ol same ol i guess lol.. maybe i had a brain fart.. i will be imaging what i want to do i still got a way to go..
1)floor bracing
3)fill it
4)cycle it
5)who knows what
I vote S. officinalis, they are really cool, have a great personality, and don't escape. The thought of a really big octopus climbing out of the tank in the middle of the night sort of scares me :shock:.
I am glad you posted an update on the monster tank. Since you haven't posted in awhile, I did a quick look on your forum but failed to find the thread. From the start, I have worried about cleaning and leaks with this project and a large cuttle could be moved to a rubbermaid tub if you had to make emergency repairs, an octo would be a much more difficult consideration. I would also think that cleaning the tank would be very difficult with an octo in residence.