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Vulgaris available


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
I'm repeating information from the Octopus Availablity thread because it might be overlooked.
simple reports that
Richard from Tampa Bay saltwater just informed me he has one baby octopus vulgaris in stock that he needs to ship asap, It is a hard to come by deal. He is selling it for 80 dollars, someone should really get this..

so if you have a very large tank that's cycled and ready, this could be quite an opportunity

I want it sooo badly but my intended tank is not ready. It is well cycled but I have to relocate critters, glue down some of the rocks and octo-proof before I can get the vulgaris I want. We dreamed up alternates but it just is not doable right now. I hope someone else is in a better position.
That was part of the day dream and I considered trying to move my three Mercs out of the 45 and looking up Carol's posts on Biddle to get a timing/size estimate but Miss Broody, HideNSeek and Mia are growing old (8 months), would be difficult to move and I don't have an appropriate tank for them. I hate to pass this up since a young Vulgaris is something I have wanted for a long time and have been planning for but the timing is just not right. Maybe next year will present another, sigh.

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