Vampyroteuthis Documentary?

Apr 3, 2003
Hey all -

I seem to remember seeing some live footage of Vampyroteuthis once in a documentary. I thought it was on the Discovery Channel's "Ultimate Guide: Octopus," but when I went to watch my copy, I didn't see it...

Anyone know?

There was some lovely Vampyroteuthis footage in the BBC documentary 'Incredible Suckers'. That may be the one you are thinking of, and it's well worth getting hold of a copy if you have not seen it.

Hmm....I suppose I could use the stock response of 'Try Amazon'! You should not have too much trouble, I'm sure it is still in print. Top Wildlife seller!
Yep, it's there all right for $14.95, though you may be able to get it cheaper if you look around.

It's got cuttles, nautilus, GPO, Dosidicus and a nice CGI Architeuthis in it. You won't regret it!


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