Ursula The Dwarf Octopus Lays Eggs


O. vulgaris
Nov 18, 2019
San Bernardino
It's been a while figured I'd post since I always get excited about eggs/babies but my boyfriend and I converted a 4 gallon Biorb by Oase into a marine environment for our little Dwarf octopus, Ursula. The shop we got her from had her listed as a Dwarf Pacific Brown but I could not find anything under that name but we've had her a little over a month and she now has eggs she's tending to. If anyone has any ideas of what it could be I saw where it could be a (O. mercatoris). She looks like a redish sort of purply-brown during the day and other times she is a chocolate brown with shimmery-pearly turquoise spotting all over, almost like a (O. Briareus) and is usually displayed at night. Not as shy as the Atlantic Dwarf. We've only had her for a little over a month.

awesome!! Excited for this project!
Thanks I am too! The eggs and mama are still doing good so far. I haven't been able to capture it but when I go to check on her she takes her arms and wraps them around her eggs, such a good mother! I did also watch My Octopus Teacher with a box of tissues at the end...very emotional, very well done.
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