dwarf octopus

  1. O

    [Octopus]: How Can You Tell If Your Dwarf Octopus Has Died?

    We haven’t seen our dwarf Octopus for at least 3 weeks and I don’t know how to tell if she’s dead or not? All the edges/seams of her tank are sealed tight, but it doesn’t look like she’s eaten any of the raw shrimp we’ve put in her tank the last week or so. The last time we saw her, she slipped...
  2. liverock

    Howdy and Happy to be Here!

    Hey there! Just wanted to mention that Tampa Bay Saltwater Live Rock is back. Looks like the founder, Richard Londeree, registered with you in 2006!?! Londeree has been a tremendous mentor and good friend. Btw, the Live Rock farm is home to the pygmy Octopus joubini. Juveniles come in as...
  3. dleo4590

    Ursula The Dwarf Octopus Lays Eggs

    It's been a while figured I'd post since I always get excited about eggs/babies but my boyfriend and I converted a 4 gallon Biorb by Oase into a marine environment for our little Dwarf octopus, Ursula. The shop we got her from had her listed as a Dwarf Pacific Brown but I could not find anything...