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updates from Octopets?

Jul 15, 2005
I have read here more then once about the problems they have with shipping octos (can't ship what isnt born yet) and was wondering if anyone has any info on how long till the next shipment.
Haven't heard anything for a while. Has anyone else been in touch with Octopets recently?

All of you on the waiting list - be patient, you don't want your little bimac to be shipped when it's too young.

I just wanted to take a minute to say that Jim from Octopets is really very helpful and caring when it comes to shipping. I had to cancel my octopus order (because my first octo tank became contaminated with copper from some fish additions) - so I ordered some Seahorses from Jim for one of my reef tanks. Jim is extremely caring and understanding - and busy.

By the way - I am moving in a month or 2, but have nearly everything ready to set up a 90 gallon bimac tank in my new residence. 5 or 6 months from now I shall be recieving another package from octopets.

We've had many good reports about Octopets and Jim, so I'm not surprised you've had a good experience buying from him.

Will look forward to hearing about your bimac after you move.

I called today and put in my order. They said it would be a week or two till they start shipping. Those who have been waiting the longest will be shipped first and so on down the line. The info I got was they had plenty to go around and it would just be the time it takes to ship them all out.
Well looks like I am going to get a bimac. :sly:

Ya Ive been waiting about 5 weeks, tank is up and running, just got a chiller last weekend so Im all set for cooler waters. Ive got some green chromises in there for now, they will either be caught and put in my 150 reef, or become food, whichever comes first :smile:

I had to change my shipping address since I moved offices, Jim was happy to help in that, Im in no hurry, I hear they have a better success rate when they are a bit older than octopets is going to start shipping.
wow am I the only one who noticed the price increase at octopets? Good thing I got my order in last week.

Ready and waiting for my box-o-pus to get shipped

Before last December I believe they were only $25. If it means they're getting shipped out after a full 8 weeks and are a little bigger (presumably with a bit better chance of survival) I'm all for a price hike.

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