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Aug 15, 2005
Well i thought i should post a couple new pics of lazarus as he is a couple days away from his five month birthday. i will post some better ones tomorrow when the lights are on as well.


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all these cuttle pics recently are making me want one instead of an octo... but i think a bandises would get lost in my 125 octo rigged tank...

maybe it could go in my reef tank!!!! 50 gallon! hmmm... "taps fingers while pondering" this could work...only inverts are corals... the fish would have to go... this might work...
foolishly, after having my cuttle live peacefuly with his budy the yellow watchman goby, i brought home two pajama cardinals to put in the tank with him. well they lasted 30 min :( but i kinda knew it might happen and as bad as it sounds i only paid 3 for each. well here it comes time when the lights go off and what do i see, lazarus has his good old friend the watchman goby in his mouth.
Vacation 8: CUTTLEFISH 0

I came home from looking at schools in colorado to find a nice white cuttlebone hanging out of my canister intake, which had somehow lost its sponge and plastic grate.

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