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Update!!! on The Agent's Tank (Tank readings)

Jul 31, 2003
Ive been meaning to get this on the web for a few days but I havent gotten around to it. :?

10:09 PM
Copper - 0 ppm

10:21 PM
Phosphate - .15 ppm

10:33 PM
Calcium - 350 ppm

10:41 PM
Alkalinity - 3.4 milli equivalents

10:53 PM
Ammonia - .25 ppm

10:53 PM
Nitrite - .25

11:02 PM
Nitrate - 15 ppm

Anything wrong?

Its starting to get there, what stock do you have in the tank just now?

Lets see if we can get the ammonia and nitrite to zero :smile:
That should be enough to mature the tank well, just post the new results later.. I'm off to work now :frown:
Well I know itll be awhile before you get this Colin but the Ammo and Nitrite were still at roughly .25 ppm. :?

Also when I mix the chemicals from the Ammo is makes a thick soup. Is it supposed to? It is the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Saltwater Master Test kit.
That's the same test kit I have. I noticed that too that sometimes at first it looks soupy but then clears up.

Octos will get enough calcium just from the salt mixture if you are doing regular water changes, they dont need any extra added in, unless you have them in with huge amounts of corraline algae or hard corals (not recomended)

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