The Agent update and also alot of macro shots! :D

Jul 31, 2003
Its been awhile, but heres the update! (I really need to update more often :()

4-30-04 to 6-13-04
6-13-04 Sunday - He followed my hand in the morning for a while! I think hes starting to learn how to wave! :D Later, I went to the Asian Market and got him one large crab, 4 crawdads, and half a pound of snails. Total, 3.50. It really is easier to feed a big octo compared to a little one! I put the snails in a bucket with some water and waited for them to come out(so I would know if they were), none did. I was confused but decided to wait longer while I fed him the crawdads and got a place for the crab. (Its too big for him now. Once he has eaten all the crawdads he will probaly be alot bigger. :)) I cut the claws off the crawdads and dropped one in the tank for him. It swam away just like a ghost shrimp, propelling itself backwards in the water. He jumped over it and grabbed ahold, it still shaking in his grasp. After a few minutes, it stopped moving. He crawled back to his den and had alittle trouble fitting in, but being the smart octo he is, soon figured it out. He took his time eatting it but after about 2 hours, he went to the right side of the tank and swam back, feeling much lighter. Back to the snails. While looking into the bucket wondering why none were moving, I suddenly remembered that the water I had used was fresh water, I had poured water from the fresh buckets! So I poured some salt water in and sure enough, after about 10 mins, all of the clams where climbing around. :)

6-12-04 Saturday - He's getting a lot less shy, coming out all the time! :D I fed him the last crab today. I think it might have hurt him a little, when he rushed it the crab slightly got his arm in its grasp. :( I hope hes ok . . .

6-11-04 - Gave him a crab and some shrimp hes a good eater.

6-10-04 Thursday - The smell was horrible in the bucket I was keeping the crabs in so I put it outside. I gave him another crab too. :)
He grabbed it really quickly; so fast the crab probably didnt know what hit it.

6-3-04-6-9-04 Friday-Wednesday - I was at the beach during this time. Got him some fiddler crabs while there. :) When I got

6-3-04 Thursday - I was a little sick today and didn’t get a chance to see him. :'(

6-2-04 Wednesday - Didn’t see him again. :'(

6-1-04 Tuesday - He followed my fingers when I waved them outside the tank! It was cool. :cool2: Ill try to get some pics.

5-31-04 Monday - Didn’t see him today.

5-30-04 Sunday - Changed the water today. He came out and explored the tank while I did the work. Also had some people that came over and thought he was awesome. :D

5-29-04 Saturday - I didn’t get a chance to change the water but I did take some tests:

Ammonia: 0 PPM
Nitrite: 0 PPM
Nitrate: 0 PPM
Salinity (Specific Gravity): 1.028

Because the water evapoates, the SG always rises about .002 points. :-\. There is not really anything I can’t do about that.

5-24-04-5-28-04 Monday-Friday - Unfortunatly, I have not been able to spend time with the little bugger. :( Tomorrow I will check the water quality, do a water change and spend time with him. :)

5-23-04 Sunday - I should have done the water tests today but didn’t get a chance. :( He wasn’t that active though. :\

5-22-04 Saturday - When I saw him he was shaped just like a rock with bumps and curves and it was amazing. :cool2:

5-21-04 Friday - I missed seeing him today cause I went to a party. :(

5-20-04 Thursday - He was alot more active today! He had finished the clam and was moving around too. It was very cool. :cool2:

5-19-04 Wednesday - Well, he was sitting on the clam I gave him and later I gave him a shrimp which he pounced on and ate. :cool2:

5-18-04 Tuesday - I’ve been noticing he has been hiding behind some toys. :( I gave him a clam to try to cheer him up.

5-17-04 Monday - All I did today was try to setup a tv for him to watch; didn’t work really though. :?

5-16-04 Sunday - Didnt do much with him today. I took out a snail shell and gave him another. :)

5-15-04 Saturday - Here are the followup test results:

Ammonia: 0 PPM
Nitrite: 0 PPM
Nitrate: 20 PPM
Salinity (Specific Gravity): 1.026
:D Everything is good!

I saw he had pulled 2 toys up close to him, I hope hes ok. :?

5-14-04 Friday - Took the tests:

Ammonia: .25 PPM
Nitrite: .15 PPM
Nitrate: 40 PPM
Salinity (Specific Gravity): 1.026

Ammo and trites a little high. So I did a 20 gallon water change but didn’t have time to do the followup tests. :(

5-13-04 Thursday - Well, when I went down I couldn’t find him for the first minute. Then I saw him behind a rock, blending in perfectly. So I looked in the sump to get him some food, and I pulled up a mussel. Suddenly, the mussel let out a horrible stench that quickly filled the room. I threw that mussel away and searched for another. It was a dead too. I continued looking and discovered every mussle was dead. :( It was the worst smell I had ever discovered. . .

5-12-04 Wednesday - I got him some more big clams, some mussels, and a big oyster. I tryed tempting him with a mussel first but he didnt really want it. I tryed a clam too but that didnt work. :( I left the clam in, Ill see if he eats it tomorrow.

5-11-04 Tuesday - HE BIT ME! It started at about 10:30 at night and I had given him 2 snails. I was tempting him with another and he reached out and grabbed me, pulling me into his den. I couldn’t stand for that so I pulled back and he reluctantly came out, still attached to my hand. The suckers where strange feeling, I’ve never had something pull from 50 points on my ring finger before. We had some more tug-of-wars and he once found a softer spot and drew a lil blood but it didn’t hurt too much. It was really great interaction though. :D After a while I got my camera and took some pix which can be seen in this thread:

5-10-04 Monday - Didn’t get to see him today really. :(

5-09-04 Sunday - When I saw him he had usual bimac colors and was attached to a clam and the walls around it. I’m not sure if he did get it open but later I saw one of the toys pulled all the way up to him and he was a dark gray. :?

5-08-04 Saterday - Didn’t get to see him today. :-\

5-07-04 Friday - My friends didn’t get to watch him but when I gave him a shrimp he rushed out of his den to grab it! I gave him a few more and it was exciting!

5-06-04 Thursday - Today I didn’t get a chance to see him at all. Tomorrow though, I hope for him to be astatic because he hasn’t gotten much food in the last couple days.

5-05-04 Wednesday - Unfortunatly, oday I only got 2 chances to see what he was up to. I snuck up on him and he was rubbing himself with his arms but when he saw me he stopped. It was really cool so I need to get some pictures. The second time he was just sitting like normal.

5-04-04 Tuesday - When I saw him he was way down in his hole with his arms infront of his one eye showing. So I took all the followup tests:

Ammonia: 0 PPM
Nitrite: 0 PPM
Nitrate: 40 PPM
Salinity(Specific Gravity) : 1.024

Huh. The SG is very different. That's probably why he was in his hole deep. :( I could have changed it but even if its a little off its better to remain constant than fluxing alot. Hope he's better tomorrow.

5-03-04 Monday - He ate another of those big clams! I also checked out the tests:

Ammonia: .25 PPM
Nitrite: 0 PPM
Nitrate: 100 PPM
Salinity (Specific Gravity): 1.028

Most things are pretty high. :(
So I did a 20 gallon water change. I didn’t get a chance to take the tests though. :(

5-02-04 Sunday - Well, he was big enough to eat the clams! I saw it this morning pushed up against the glass. It was smelly so I threw it out. I also threw out the dead turbo snail's shell for the same reason. I gave him another clam and shrimp but I doubt he's very hungry after eating something that big. Anyway, I’m glad he ate it because he has a few different food sources now. :D

Also, I’m going to take the water tests tomorrow. I hope everthing is ok. :?

5-01-04 Saturday - I got him some more of those big clams. When I gave him one and tempted him with it he reached out and grabbed it, pulling it away then sitting on it. Hopefully he’s big enough to eat these. :-/

4-30-04 Friday - I had some friends come over again. They thought he was awesome! They loved it when he caught a shrimp I gave him. :cool2:
Well, I took alot of shots and the gallary can be viewed here.

There are a few cool shots that I would like to share personally.

1 Clear shot.

2 Does anyone reconize this species?

3 The inside of a crawdad. :shock:

4 Another clear shot.

Also, in some of the pix the photos are truncated. Anybody know what caused that?

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