Update On Dr. Snuggles

Aug 15, 2005
here are some pics over the past week

the first one is with a grass shrimp in his mouth


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im afraid this morning dr. snuggles died, he somehow managed to get around stuck intake to my protine skimmer even tho it was covered with pantyhose. it was horrible removing him from it, this is prob the worst i have ever felt in my almost 6 years of keeping salt water creatures
Very sorry that you lost Dr. Snuggles.
RIP:angelpus: (We need an angel cuttle)

Was the panty hose covering loose, like a little bag, or stretched tightly? Maybe this information would help other ceph owners.

it was tight the cuttle was stuck to the side of it, the skimmer was a bak pak so it used a modified rio powerhead, and the cuttle got stuck to the intake. imjust glad that i had the panty hose or else it would have chopped him up. but i dono, hopefuly ill be able to get another one, but does anyone know of a way in which to gaurd against this happening again.

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