Two Jawed Fangiwhale


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Mar 15, 2003
Upon corresponding with the new Tonmo member, Darquerift, we agreed that Dr. O'Shea's discovery of a new species of whale certainly merited some further study, and illustration...One of the most touched by the poignant tale was Pauline's daughter (we hope to have pics of her drawing up soon...she is one of the few people who have actually survived a fangiwhale sighting...)...who did a pencil rendition of the fearsome creature. Perhaps it was her youth that protected her mind, because after collaborating on this project with Darquerift, I find myself casting glances behind more often than is healthy, and was asked to leave a pub because I was staring at a group of fishermen too hard...and I am afraid of the bathtub...

Hard research data is forthcoming, and will be posted on this thread as it develops...we ask all of you to be carefull when viewing images of the two jawed may cause you to wear wigs and become a cephologist.
chrono_war01 said:
ha what the hell is a Two Jawed Fangiwhale???? QUOTE]

Well, CW, that is exactly what Pauline and I are trying to fathom...garbled bits of information pop up from time to time from ancient mariners, but most of them are rendered unstable from the viewing of a live fangiwhale...why? We don't know...but we do have empirical evidence to support the existance of such a fiercesome creature...the mauled bodies of giant squid and even some whales found in the oceans point to Two Jawed Fangiwhale attacks, with peculiar bite marks and severe blood loss...there was also the Chilean Globster sighting that may be related...
A lot of questions still need to be researched...but, fear not, we are working day and night on them !
My rendition done....was a difficult thing, as i had to turn away from it's fearsome image...sent shivers down my spine. Greg, my daughter is doing well and made a full recovery from her harrowing experience..
I recieved some sketches in the post yesterday, done by a madman off the coast of Nova Scotia...
From these sketches, I was able to come up with an initial idea of what this beast might appear as...although I have never actually seen it, as Pauline's daughter has...
The mysteries of the deep !

Somewhat different, yet eerily similar too...they way that your daughter has rationalized the horror by presenting the fangiwhale with a goldfish may be the key to unlocking the madman's minds...very interesting indeed !
Did she say if it made any sounds that were observable, once she was awake?

I'm not sure if what she says has any barring....she seems like she's improved but still bursts out with silly fits of laughter. I asked her the sound it made and all she could do was giggle. I fear she may be going mad. I'll make her some calming herbal tea, and ask again later. Pray for her...she's been under extreme stress and all, you understand.
Hmmm...Laughing. that is what Mike Shaunessey did too, before he tried to claw his eyes out with a bent plastic fork obtained from a local Taco Bell...keep a watch on her ! Hopefully, (and I am sure this is the case) she has glossed over the event, and in her mind, it is viewed as just imagination...poor girl.
We will all pray for her.
UPDATE: Logan had returned from school...and she seemed back to her normal self. I asked her again if the creature she encountered made any noise. With a glaring look in her eye she snottily snapped out,"Why are you talking about me??!!"....then started giggling again. Either she is seeping into a deep rooted denial as Greg suggests or adolescences is rearing it's ugly head. About a half hour later she approached me....she remembered something. She said it rumbled with a BlurrRRRRrrrrrrrrb....sort of a cross between modern day whale song and a large carniverous roaring creature.....mixed in with a lot of blubby noises.
Be sure next time we explore the remote Casperson Beach, i will have my video camera to document any possible encounters.

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