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Tunze Nano Skimmer - help!


Sep 2, 2006
Okay, I feel like an idiot!!!
I just got a Tunze nano skimmer and I can't figure out where the 'foam line' is suppose to be maintained. The instructions say "Lower edge of skimmer cup" - does this mean where the inside reactor chamber meets the bottom of the cup? Does this mean the foam should be raised all the way up and flowing over into the cup (mean the bottom of the cup = lower edge)???
Please help!
I've never messed with a nano skimmer before, but I imagine most of the same rules apply to these as a larger one.

I'm sure i'm not the only person who can speak to this, but generally, skimmers need some "calibration" in the beginning....my euroreef took a lot of fine tuning to get it at the right spot. At no point should the bubbles be flowing steady into the collection cup, although if you take the top of the collection cup off and peer into the tube in the center of the cup, you should see bubbles accumulating. I would say most likely when you're looking head on at your skimmer, the bubbles should be lined up with the bottom of the collection cup. :o)

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