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Trying to buy an octopus.


Jan 28, 2005
I can't seem to get hold of Jim at Octopets......I know he's busy but I haven't got a response to my paypal request. Does anyone know if he has any octo's available now?

Keep trying. Octopets is the hobby arm of a large restaurant aquaculture business. I assume that since the octopuses aren't paying the bills, they're naturally his second priority. Also keep in mind when you call, he's usually out working and not by the phone.

When I ordered my little guy I left a message the first time I called him, then kept trying a couple times a day, hanging up on the voicemail.


I visited Jim a month and a half ago, he had no octos. My guess is he is just down to brood stock if that. He is very busy and hard to get a hold of. He had Bandesis, and Officinalis, and lots of sea horses.

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