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Tropical Octopus

I may have paniced too soon. It is still alive, breathing very heavily. I released it a few minutes ago and it swam down and is sitting on a rock. I have all the lights off in the room and tank also. There is a little light coming through the drapes, but not much. Poor little baby, is there anything else I should do to help, perhaps xtra airation?

just leave it alone for the rest of the day to settle down... putting in extra air will help and make sure the temperature isnt too high.

which company did you buy from>?

good luck
Hi Colin, I got it from Petsupply.com. I called them and they pretty much said the same thing you did. The baby has retreated into the rocks for now. I'm still really concerned as it was really breathing heavily when I last saw it. The temp is 74 degrees, I don't know what that is in celsius. I took the 50 watt heater out this morning as I had it on the lowest setting and saw it kick on. The room temp is around 70. I tested the water last night, sg 1.025, 0 ammo, 0 nitrites, nitrate around 40 which is higher than I'd like. I also tested for copper and phosphate, 0 on both of those. I'll leave the little booger alone for the rest of the day, but should I offer it food this evening? There are a few snails left in the tank and I saw a small blue leg hermit in there too. Maybe it'll help itself to some crab legs!

yeah, id leave it be and if it wants to eat mr hermit well, thats its choice :smile:

dont worry about 40ppm too much... after a week or two do some w/changes
Another question about food. The guy at pet supply said to feed it phyto-plankton too. Could this be correct? Seems like awfully small food, if you ask me. I have the dt's live phyto in the bottle.

yeah, thats just mental to think that they would eat plants and microscopic plants at that! LFSs dont always know that much about cephs!
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