Tropical Fish Hobbiest Cover and link!

I just got off the phone with my local PetSmart, after holding for over 10 minutes :banghead: they finally checked and they've got like 6 copies in, so I'm going to go pick mine up.

CONGRATS to everyone who got published, it's an honor to share this site with you!

Went by PS today but no go, still has April issue only. There are disadvantages to living somewhat off the beaten path even if it is within 60 miles of a major city :roll:
Yeah, the Pasadena Border's still has May, too. I haven't had time to go to PetSmart, though.
Let me repeat here what I posted about a month ago. If you can't find this issue, you can order it directly from TFH:

You can buy this issue at most Barnes and Noble, Petsmart stores, and LFSs. TFH has also made a special arrangement for us to purchase issues from them. Call TFH at 732-897-6824 and ask for Elaine. Let her know you are a member and TFH will sell you the June issue for the cover price plus shipping. You’ll need to prepay the order, as this is not something they normally do.

All article authors will receive several copies, but I haven’t been able to find out about photographers yet.

I finally tracked down the issue, and just read through everyone's articles. Good work, everybody :party: I thought everyone did a great job at sharing their enthusiasm while making it clear that the requirements should be taken seriously. It was also fun seeing faces of some of you who I only knew by name...
Just sat at PetSmart and read the whole article.

Great Job on the articles everyone!

Also amazing pictures..Makes me want to get a better camera..Or maybe I just have to learn how to use the one I have. :shock:
A little late, but thank you to Nancy for sending me a copy of this magazine. It contains some absolutely beautiful pictures and excellent articles. I looked for this in a number of newsagents, couldn't find it, and gave up looking - but then Nancy came to my rescue.

Thank you again.
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