Tree Octopus?


Mar 24, 2004
Hello to all,

I am new to Tonmo and love all the pictures and articles..Wow, this is such an interesting site with many diverse topics.

Today I was reading a magazine to my grandson and looked on the net for better pictures of octopi. I came across this site to save the tree octopus. Now you may think me foolish because i am just learning about octopus this a joke? Are there in fact and real life tree octopus? I don't want to teach the little boy things that are not true but if tree octopus really exist, it is a fascinating subject for him.

Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

:welcome: Candice

No tree octopus but rainforest nautilus, bush haggis, taniwha and sand dune squid abound :lol: Not to mention slightly demented teuthologists :madsci: :bugout:

:roll: sigh I've had waaaaaay to much :coffee: today


PS Beware cephalolunacy is catching!!!
mmm, Jean,

...rainforest nautilus, bush haggis, taniwha and sand dune squid. That will make for an interesting evening of research. I love the ocean and would love nothing better than to have the ability to enter and exit a bubble deep in the ocean into an unwater world like in Star Wars. But that is only because the ocean and all the life in it is fascinating.

There is so much we do not know and have not discovered yet. I only hope one day to have the privilege and time to discover more!

Ah, coffee! love it and drink too much. Check out this site..... I relate...

Snafflehound said:
The tree octopus may or may not be real.... it is very difficult to really prove the non-existance of something :rainbow:

LOL dont start this up again... my brain hurts from last time

PS dont forget sea badgers

never mind the angel... get that badger on the emoticons list!!!

PS a badger pic of mine.........
I stole it, but I never called it my own. I did have to do a bit of work to extract it from a Flash animation and then clean it up a little.

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