Octopus bimaculoides/bimaculatus pictures requested


Oct 26, 2020
Hi there. Thanks a lot for allowing me joining this group. I'm Unai Markaida, a researcher on octopus in Campeche, Mexico. My work is at Unai Markaida (0000-0001-6655-4979)

I am currently writting a chapter on Octopus bimaculoides for a world review book on octopus and I wish to include some pictures of this species. I though the best pictures should have been done by people which actually pet these octopus. Of couse, I would give full credits and acknowledgments to the owner of the pictures. This is a non-profit work, writing scientific papers is my task.

I am looking for three pictures, they should be at least 300 dpi resolution and a page wide:

- A picture of a full Octopus bimaculoides where the ocellus is shown.
- A closeup of the ocellus of Octopus bimaculoides
- A closeup of the ocellus of Octopus bimaculatus (this is the only fair character to distinguish both species externally).

Thanking for your atention, receive my best regards,


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