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too tanks together

i got crabs

May 19, 2005
i was wondering if anyone out ther knows anything about connecting 2 tanks togethr. i saw mentioned that some of you have your octo tanks conected to your reefs. what im thinking is connecting a 30gal to my 45gal and then moveing all my equipment off the 45 and onto the 30 wich will then have a return to the 45. this way it will make the 45 look less cluttered and i dont have to worry about my octo breakin stuff. i could also use the 30 to farm stuff like caulerpa, live rock and what have you. p.s. the 30 is as tall as the 45 but alot thinner.
There may be nitrate/ammonia/ink issues connecting a ceph tank to a reef - thats why I haven't done it.
The easiest way to do it is have both tanks drain to the same sump, just make sure the sump can handle the water level in a power outage.
hmmmmmmm..... i appear to be sans a sump. probably would come in handy. do u think i could have the intake from my fluval draw water from the 45 then return it to the 30 then purchase a "pump" with a similar gal per hour ratio as the fluval to return the water from to 30 to the 45?
Balancing pumps like that is almost always a bad idea. If one flows more than the other you eventually get a flood. If you had the tanks connect below the waterline via pipe or vinyl tubing you could put the intake for the fluval in one tank and the return in the other - note that the tank with the return would have a higher water level as the water gets pushed to the other tank.
thanxs righty, ya ill brobably just keep the 30 on its own system. i do need to update and get a larger tank. i set this 1 up b4 i found this sight and the notion goin around was that 30 was the typical for an octo tank. mines a 45 as i said but as soon as i move(not for some time) is a gonna set me up a 95 corner shallow tank with a sump.( i think i saw 1 at petland discounts for a very good price) at least 45 nots to bad but i feel that if the tank were bigger id see my octo swim more and other more natural habits. right now he does swim but only from i side to the other.
Your right about that - a larger tank will enable your octo to live and swim in a more natural manner. We have reports that octos kept in large tanks will even swim following the same path each day, checking the same places for food.


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