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Mar 15, 2003
I have received an enormous amount of pm and email messages regarding the will be an original, it will have to be on-topic, and will be decided upon well in advance of the show, so we can get everyone happy !!!
The front of the shirt will have the famous Tonmo logo on it, with the dates of the 'con...the back will feature an original work in maroon over the speckled grey of the shirt...all input is welcome at this stage...many sketches are flying back and forth across the net as I type !!!
If you have an idea, sketch it out and post it here !!!

p.s. this is a freebie...if you do the winning design, you can brag about it, but no $$$$$ , so sorry ! :smile:
In a recent discussion, we have decided to accumulate a number of initial ideas, choose five for further exploration, and then let YOU, the tonmo'ers out there, pick the shirt design...
Send in those images!!!
I think we should give it a month or so...Shall we say Cinco De Mayo for the last submissions????
Voting for them will be here on Tonmo...
Tonmo Shirts c/o Ewald Studios
61 west Jasper drive,
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Or, you can snap a jpeg with your holds barred!
I do believe that we are proceeding with the shirt based on Octobloke's submission from a while ago...still waiting on some bits and pieces to fall together...
Chrono, you are soon as the word went out that we were going to be making t-shirts, my email box was crammed full !!!

Yep...I was exaggerating just to make a reference to how many I did recieve...tons !! The better ones have been contacted.
Film at eleven...

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