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May 30, 2000
OK, it's time to start getting an idea of who will be there and who will be square. Please respond to the Poll on this thread and let us know if you plan to join our second convention (TONMOCON II) at MOTE in Sarasota, Florida, on June 23rd / 24th, 2007. Agenda and details to follow, but for an idea of what TONMOCON I was like, [url2=[URL]]click[/URL] here[/url2].
Obviously, I'll definitely be there. I think I have to give a presentation or something. Probably on cephalopods in art and mythology. Who else is up? I've heard a few yeas, few nays so far...
Well, since I'll be at MOTE at that time anyway, it's inevitable that I'll at least see you guys. I do plan to attend, though!

I've been waiting years now to buy a house as the market in California has been over-inflated for years now. Now that the market is giving a little I think my wife and I might try to get our first home. That means that all my fun money spending is put on hold until we decide on whats happening. Either way, if I have money freed up, I'll be there, but if we decide to get a house it will probably be Tonmocon III that I finally make it to.
Richard, we'd be quite happy if you gave another presentation. Your last one was fantastic.

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