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Oct 11, 2007
I'm not sure who had the octopus named Mr. Octopus...but to you (and anyone else who has an opinion) would it be o.k. if I used this name. I feel that you came up with it and therefor the rights to it are yours, so by all means feel free to say no. And to everyone else, would that be lame?

thanks, ryan
It was DHyslop, and I doubt he filed for a trademark...
All right CG I think I will, I wasn't set on that name or anything I just wanted to see about in the case of me ending up wanting that name.
Cool, cool...but I kind off agree with AM I would like to get to know him a day or two before I name him but now at least if he is a mr. octopus I will have a new name to match my new buddy.

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