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to small

depends what size your tank/wallet is?

Personally i dont think fish that can attain a reasonable size should be freely offered for sale.

define 'reasonable'?

Well, you'd need to examine every species' ultimate size and guess what size of tank it needed?

What I think is unreasonable?

Sharks, all species including Chiloscyllium, large Pangassius species, large Pimelodella, Sepia officinalis (gasp) LOL etc etc

can you be more specific clown? I have seen home aquariums at 20 odd foot long!

What would you say if someone were to keep a shark in a shark pond. (Wich people actualy do.) the ponds get about 30 feet by 30 feet. Im not saying that I would. I just want to see if people think large fish should be kept at home.
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