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Thomas Jr Pics!! Come inside!!


Mar 19, 2005
Thomas Jr out for a morning stroll!:
ThomasJr_May72006 001.jpg

ThomasJr_May72006 002.jpg

(more pics next post) :smile:
ThomasJr_May72006 004.jpg

ThomasJr_May72006 007.jpg

Toys seem to be THE way to get a bimac used to you. Thomas Jr is just as inquisitive as Thomas senior was!

Look how small he is! He's SOOO CUTE!!! :mrgreen:

(more pics next post...)
ThomasJr_May72006 010.jpg

ThomasJr_May72006 011.jpg

ThomasJr_May72006 012.jpg

I'll try and get some more, the camera is about 10 times his size, don't want to scare him :smile:

He put on an AMAZING display show a minute ago, flashing all sorts of colors and pulsating, it was AMAZING!! He must've had so many emotions - excited, amazed, a little scared? Happy? Curious, etc!!
I found him along the coast here in Southern California! :smile:

I'm off to see if he's out this morning (still a little dark out and don't want to turn on the tank lights yet, hopefully I can see him cruising around if he's not asleep in his den...)
wow! thats cool that you found him! i would love to get a bimac but there arent any around :( my birthday is coming up though black96ws6... and id really really like one.... lol jk
He's sooo cute!!! So glad also you have the octobug! I need another one, desparately! First time in 5 years I haven't had one and I'm going on a month now.....
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