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this sound like a good setup for a 75 gallon tank?

Mike D

Pygmy Octopus
Aug 1, 2004
i am interested in setting up my 75 gallon tank as an octopus tank.

i am planning on using 80 pound of live sand as a substrate and adding 60+ pounds of live rock for him to hide in..
and for filtration i am thinking about using two Fluval Canister Filters, a Model 404(rated for 100 gallons) and a Model 304(rated for 70 gallons) i have heard that alot of filtration is a good thing :smile:
a Marineland SeaClone 150 Protein Skimmer rated for 150 gallons.
and 2 powerheads to create water movement..

im not sure if that is everything. if not could you please tell me what else i need. and if that is everything does that sound like a good setup?

also i am buying my own r/o unit for i can just get the water from my tap when ever i need it..
Wow, it seems like a great setup ! You may not need two powerheads...see if the octo is bothered by too much movement (what size are they?)...other than that, it should make a very happy octo home !!! Be sure to enter it into the tank database, and send in some pics...
i dont have it set up yet buy once it is i will post up some pics... it will probably be a month or two. as right now i am building a new cage for my iguana..
Some people really don't like the SeaClone skimmers, but others think they're fine--you might want to shop around a bit and see particular complaints/opinions on the various aquarium message boards out there.

It sounds like a great setup, though--I'm sure a bimac would be very happy in it. I have a similar system--75 gallon tank with a 150-gallon rated skimmer, except I have it in a sump where I have a few big clumps of various macroalgaes over a deep sand bed instead of a canister.

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