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This is the setup I want to buy. Any last suggestions?


O. bimaculoides
Aug 5, 2004
Ok, so I've been looking for a suitable tank for some time now and recently stumbled over one that definately drew my attention, so before I probably go and buy the thing I'd like to hear any last suggestions.

This is the tank (103gal):

And here are the specs of the filtration system:
The filter is suitable for tanks up to 133 gallons, so I have a small buffer.

I know that AquaMedic produces high quality filtration systems so I don't need to worry about quality.

What do some of the octo keepers say to this? A suitable ceph home?

The real funny thing (and my main reason to buy it) is the price. Maybe this is a mistake by the shop where I saw it, but if not, than its a helluva good deal I think.

The filter system alone costs 522euros (645$)
While the whole aquarium system (tank plus filter plus wooden top) costs 599euros (739$) So about 95$ for the tank itself. Thats pretty cheap for a 103gal one if you ask me.
I've never seen similar setups that are sold for less than at least 1800$

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