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This is killing me guys


Mar 19, 2005
I can't stand it, I can't stand seeing Thomas just wasting away. He's looking smaller and smaller these days.

I tried to give him a fresh piece of shrimp this morning, I put it right by his mouth.

He grabbed it and looked like he was going to eat it, then he just let it drop.

He moves around just like the old Thomas, still has the same great personality, he just won't eat!!

His tentacles go right over and investigate the hermit crabs that are still left in the tank, he even put his tentacle into one a few times investigating it, but instead of grabbing it and pulling it in, he just walks on over it. Then after coming out and saying hi to me, he heads back to his den to rest.

And now I can't stop crying as I'm typing this.

I don't think I'm going to get another octopus, this is too hard.

It would be one thing if he just went quickly, and I found him dead one morning. But just wasting away like this is killing me! It's like he knows it's his time and has just decided to let go!
I know how you feel....Ink lingered and yes sometimes I think it would have been easier had she gone quickly like the norm, but I must say, the way Thomas and Ink went is not the norm. Most do go quickly.

You are in my thoughts...

So sorry - but it's difficult no matter how they go.

After a while I think you will want another octopus because of the good times you had with Thomas. It's because octos have so much personality and intelligence that it's so difficult seeing them pass away.

I'm sorry too. Thanks for sharing this rare info and your observations here. Most of us don't have the insights you have into the full life of a cephalopod. Through your sharing of Thomas' life experiences here on these forums (through good times and bad), Thomas is definitely making the world a better place for cephs. I realize it's small comfort, but the education gained by the sharing of such experiences is priceless. Thank you.
Blackie, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I know watching a beloved pet wasting away is heartbreaking. But I've enjoyed reading about Thomas and I know the joy he brought you. I know it's little comfort, but try to rejoice in the good times you had.
You and I have had some rather heated disagreements in the past, but this is one thing I can relate to. It always sucks watching the last few weeks, mostly because you feel so helpless. You have to realize, though, that you have managed to keep an octo for much longer than almost any of the ceph keepers in the world, and this is just the natural lifespan. Painful, but I would hate to see you drop out of this part of the aquarist hobby, as it seems you have much to offer.

As most of you might know, I've never kept an octopus myself, regardless of my great fascination with cephalopods. Reading this thread makes me realise once more how much you all invest. I truly hope this doesn't drag on beyond bareable. Please, let us know how things go from here...
im sorry to hear that. that is the problem with octos. the poor little ceph. maybe he just wants something diffet. try bying something differnt for him to eat.

not sure what to say, but I want to second what a number of folks have said, particularly ob's comment, as I'm another "haven't had an octo, living vicariously through tonmo in that regard" type. Sometimes it's important not to get so caught up in sadness that you don't enjoy what time there is left, but saying that always seems trite and hollow.
I really don't know much about octos so tell me to get lost if you think I'm out of line, but could Thomas be lonely? Maybe he needs a mate. I hope he starts eating soon. Best wishes.
Most species of octopus, Bimacs included are solitary. They can be cannibalistic when put with others octos. In this case Thomas is just old. My Octopus did similar things in that he stopped eating.

Sorry about Thomas. I went through the same thing with my octopus. It was a little easier for me as my octo was not as social and I didn't have him as long. Just remember that Thomas has had a amazing life and that is just time. Hope you don't stop keeping octos.

Hang in there, man. It's tough to lose anything, but it would be much tougher if you actually did harm to him. From all accounts, it seems like you have gone above and beyond normal pet ownership, as do most here. I stopped keeping reef tanks because I couldn't keep fish alive. I miss it so much, but I don't miss netting beautiful dead creatures that I KNEW that I killed from my ignorance. Your account, and the life of Thomas is one of the ways that I feel I can learn enough get back into it someday. So don't let a natural lifespan keep you from continuing the hobby, it would be to much of a loss to the education of the rest of us.

Take care,
Sorry to hear about Thomas, but don't let it put you off them! I don't keep them at home (no time!) but I look after them at work (I think I'm on octopus 45 :shock: just worked it out!!) and I wouldn't have missed 'meeting' any of them. It's the same with many of our other pets there never seems to be enough time with them...........if you want longevity in a pet I guess you'd need to go for a large parrot species, some of the reptiles or maybe even a rock lobster (our Lily is an estimated 60-70 years old!!!!!!).

But I just love hanging out with my 8 armed friends!!!!

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