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thinking of moving my octo from 240 to a 55


Aug 21, 2004
will this be ok ?

i love the guy but he doens perform enough action for my 240 , im missing out on keeping stuff like tangs and triggers, which are my favorite fish ,

and I think that in the 55 the octopus would feed more homey, knowing that there insnt forever fields of rock out there that a predator could be lurking behind
Yes, a 55 would be OK and you could make a nice home for him in a tank that size. You still need the skimmer and good filtration.

ive got the skimmer , ive moved him today

the nitrates were a little high in the tank , but i have my monstrous 900 gph skimmer in there with him and hes been in there all day now since this morning and he is still alive
so lets hope for the best ./
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