Things aren't to good :(


May 15, 2003
Just to keep this simple:

I go into LFS,
I come ot of LFS with cuttle a wee bit smaller than the current one.
I get home and acclimate the cuttle,
I release it after sometime.
Original cuttle lunges at new one,
I seperate the two with a feeding stick
Get new one out and put him with the fu man chu.
Me= :(

Any comments or ideas what happened?

doesnt seem like your original cuttle wants to share his room with a new one! Perhaps the tank is too small for two territories? Maybe you added another male?

I have never tried putting two cuttles together that didn't 'know' each other but i would have thought it would be tricky, they are not naturally sociable animals
Sadly he went into the big fish tank in the sky. Five mins after he was transferred, I gave him a shrimp which he took real fast, he acted normally and then I came here to post, I cam ack an hour later with a black tank.
Who doesn't, I feel kinda guilty that the cuttle didn't have too good an experience with me :(

On a lighter note, I learned something, I think maybe the original cuttle had already established its territory and hence wanted to defend it. Maybe the cuttles at the LFS were ok with each other since they arrived at the same time?
wow, i have to say i envy some of you guys who can walk into a store and walk out with a cuttle, ive been trying to get one for almost a year now, and so far im no closer to haveing one :(

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