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The new world of Octo's


Apr 30, 2007
I have had a 29g reef for almost a year now, and have finally talked my wife into letting me set up a bigger tank in our bedroom. I want to do at least a 90g/rr. I just started thinking about what I wanted to put into it, and would like to try a bimac I think. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get some good info? I am looking at starting the system in around September or October, so I have time.
:welcome: First, there is a wealth of information in Ceph care that can pretty much answer most of your questions. And once you have reviewed we are all here for anything additional.
Is there any particular books that are good. I just got my new TFh in the mail yesterday. I love it, and that has sparked my curiosity even more.

The absolutely best resource for keeping cephs is Tonmo!!! There are very few "how to" texts (if any) out there for keeping cephs. The ceph care articles here are excellent and there are many experienced keepers here (Nancy, Colin, Thales, corw314(AKA Carol!),.........etc!!!!)

:welcome: to TONMO. We try to keep the resources here as accurate as possible, but I think we'd be happy to recommend books and other sources if they existed... thecephalopodpage.com and cephbase are also good resources, but they are less aimed at husbandry than TONMO's octo and cuttle care areas, and the collective experience of folks here is pretty substantial.
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