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The gang of Ten

Aug 15, 2005
Well i just got off the phone with the guy at the lfs that i am ordering my bandensis eggs from. He said they were all doing great, so i should see my ten lil sea monsters tomorrow:biggrin2: . ill keep yall posted and ill cross my fingers they make the trip.

ohh will the babies be able to eat pods at first, or do i have to feed them something smaller

ok so the package was supposed to be delivered today before noon, so like a good boy i stayed home from school. well it never came, so i went up to the postal office, waited in line for an hour.... then i found out that they lost my package in transit, or well it got on the plane last night from florida, but it never got off, and that was the last they had heard of it.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :twisted: :twisted: :mad: :evil:
I hate the post office here, but love UPS. I am waiting for 'pods that were supposed to be here today for my guys-and they didnt show either. And they are only coming from St Augustine.

I'm sure many people have the opposite reaction. Just depends who the manager is where you live.
Make sure you are totally re-imbersed. In situations like that I always try to make a fuss, so that it doesnt get overlooked. So the package is totally off the map? ie lost in oblivion. If it were me I would (try to) make them pay for the contents, even if they get to you late. A cuttle egg that has been in transit for too long probably has a lower chance of survival, so even if you do eventually get them, they could be called "damaged".
Thank God

:biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

I recieved the package at 1: 15 today (still later then 12:00), ready to sea a bunch of dead cuttle eggs.... well i was pleasantly surprised when i saw 9 active baby cuttles and two unhached eggs but inflated. of the 9 hatched, 1 seems to have some birth defect where his body is realy long and his head very small, another seems to be sickly and most likey wont make it, but the other seven seem very very active, the only prob is that non of them will eat. I also have two more eggs waiting so the future looks good. I still cant believe they lived

Great! I love this story!

Don't freak them out by trying to feed them too much. Sometimes they like to eat right away, but I have had some that haven't eaten for a couple of days after hatching.

What are you offering them for food?
I have encournted some birth defects. There are two schools about brine - its no good, or enriched its fine. I fall on the side that its no good. I also think it scares them.

The pods should be just fine. :biggrin2:
yea, i noticed the bring "scaring" them as they would clump together and chase the cuttles. i have one cuttle that looks more like a squid then a cuttle, its about 30% longer then the others and 50% slimmer. i have also had one cuttle ink already(i didnt even know they could do that hours after birth).
i saw a fish breeding thing at my lfs today, it was ment for either beta's and such, but its 7 sectioned off 2/3/5 rectangles in a line, the only thing is that i wonder if the holes are small enough. Righty have you used any hard-walled containers for babies, as i only kept the last cuttle i had in a net breeder, i was unsure if the baby cuttles would butburn on the walls.
I use a plastic hard walled modified guppy breeder to keep 10 babies. Its fine as long as enough water circulation goes through them, but not too much to blow them around.

Birth Defects-One of the cuttles I recieved from Righty was a runt of the litter. He was much smaller then the rest. I never noticed until later that one of his eyes were much smaller and seemed non-functional. In the last couple weeks this smaller eye actually began growing..and is pretty inflated. Ill post a pic if someone wants to see it.


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