"The Amazing Octopus"

Jan 6, 2003
Has anyone seen the documentary TV show called "The Amazing Octopus"? Iv only seen it like 3 times in my life...and it doesn't seem like its a very popular documentary on octopuses. Well...on 1 octopus to be more precise. Im not sure if anyone has seen it, but I really recommend anyone to watch it if they can get a chance here....cuz it's incredible in my opinion. It basically follows the life of thid 1 octopus from when it had just hatched, to when it finally has eggs of it's own and finally dies at the end...I LOVED it...it was so interesting to watch this 1 octopus go through ups and downs as the show progressed from getting caught in a lobster-trap and pulled ashore, to getting mutilated by cod-fish after it's eggs had hatched. I also love watching octopuses when there out of the water...I don't know why, there appearance is so interesting to me. It always has been, beautiful too. But you get to see this 1 octopus out of the water twice...once when it gets pulled ashore after being caught in this lobster trap. It slowly slithers away and off the boat. At the end, the octopus dies and is seen being eaten by these shore birds. If anyone has watched this before, I wanted to know if there is ANY vhs or dvd possibly on this? I haven't found any...not even online. If there isn't, then that's really bad, cuz this was a really neat show. One of the best iv ever seen on octopus whatsoever.
I've seen that documentary and loved it, also-wasn't it filmed off of New Zealand or somewhere out there? I would call the station that showed it and ask for info.

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