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terrestrial slugs as food choice for bimac?


Blue Ring
Dec 13, 2002
Followiing a science project, i have been left with 30 terrestrial slugs. Limax flavis. Will teh toxins they secrete be harmful to the cotopus?
I don't know the exact answer, but why would you risk feeding an octopus, an aquatic animal, something so far removed from what he naturally eats?

I think that there are too many toxins and substances in snail slime to make it safe to feed them to octopuses. Better not
there are lots of fish feeding on land insects. crickets, flies grashoppers, even snails.

but these fish are all freshwater or at the most brackish water like arowana, archer fish, butterfly fish.

All of these fish are more or less specialized in this kind of prey. so for them it's not harmful. It's likely that an octo never saw a snail up close. maybe he'll eat it. but I would also be on the safe side and not risk it.

maybe you can sell the snails to a french restaurant that serves "escargot" (for those who don't know escargot is french for snail)
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