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tape to seal the tank??


Sep 30, 2003
I have heard of people using duct tape to seal all the openings on the take, would the adhesive on the take be toxic?
if not it would sure make my job of sealing the top of the tank easier
A lot of us are using duct tape to seal the top of the tank. It's OK to use it above the water line. But, I know that I've let some tape slip into the water from time to time, and nothing happened.

I replace the duct tape frequently, by keeping a big role of the tape near the tank. The pieces that hold down the moveable lid are replaced every night. The more permanent pieces stay a month or so.

It's nice that it comes in colors, too, so you can match your tank!

part of my concern is that i have a pretty big opening in a spot of the tanks lid, if i cover it with tape this will leave a lot of the tapes adhesive side exposed just above the water
then you could tape the other side of the tape at that point before you tape it on, therefore covering the adhesive side :smile:

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