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tank size


Mar 1, 2009
I currently have a 200 gallon reef/frag system and I want to tie an octopus tank into it. How small of a tank can I have for a bimac considering it will be connected to this 200 gallon system?
I still would not go with anything less than the length of 55 to allow enough swimming room. I have not kept a bimac but have had 3 hummelinckis (smaller than a bimac but similar in needs) and the swimming length of a standard 55 was fully used daily, even when they were not full grown.
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Bimacs require cooler water temperatures than a reef tank: Lower seventies, but it's even better to have a chiller and keep the tank in the sixties. .

There are other species that could live with reef temperatures, such as O. briareus. If you tanks are interconneted, what will happen when the octopus inks?

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I would have to agree with dwhatley on this one and say that you shouldn't use anything smaller then a 55 gallon. (for a bimac that is):smile:

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